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   Welcome to the Tanya Hansen's (TanyaSunArt) gallery.   

   After ten years as a graphic designer, I came to the desire to transfer my ideas to the canvas.

And, since 2013, I began to project my emotions and feelings using canvas and oil. Since 2014, inspired by

the new turn in my life, I choose acrylic and work with it to this day. The essence of my paintings is a slight

incompleteness, ellipsis, understatement. The idea to stop in time during the creation of the picture came

spontaneously, because it brings inspiration for the viewer/buyer/customer to see something else, calling on

their imagination. Changing something in the small always changes the big. And this "butterfly effect" works

everywhere. This approach to work is very popular with my fans. A person tends to change and change

everything around. But, sometimes he lacks courage and determination. And, as a panacea, my paintings lead

a person out of a dead end, motivating them to change, forcing them to move on. An unfinished story, like an

unfinished painting, expands the imagination and fills it with strength and the desire to add / change, and the

viewer transfers this desire for change into his life.

    Having chosen the Sun, as my talisman and the brightest star that brings life and joy to people, by curing them,

I continue to create my paintings under it name. Such a peculiar healing property of my paintings gives people new energy and an invisible, but tangible strength to move on, to be inspired, to create a new life for themselves, and, as a result, to enjoy...

My paintings, even if it is a summer sunset over the ocean or an autumn day in a November forest, are always a separate story, where the foreword and continuation of which is created by the art collector himself in his imagination ... and then in his life ...

Use your chance to change and ...Enjoy!

    Tanya Hansen - established artist, which beautifully embodied her feelings and emotions in the depth of her paintings.Ten years in the advertising business as a graphic designer and project manager inspired her to create paintings, that everyone loves and everyone wants to have in their collections.

In USA, Tanya Hansen continues to progress his passion for painting and   transferred to the  canvas most of her graphic designer works, which now successfully sold across the United States.

Her first painting – Sense of Sight, was sold to a collector from California, which marked the beginning of her well-known and unusual line in the painting, full of  emotional content. Tanya works with acrylic, oil, pastel. Most time she works  under the order painting  for , banks, offices,

showrooms and private orders. Tanya Hansen periodically participates in national, local and online exhibitions.One such exhibition was  Animals Art Competition, Online Gallery Light Space&Time. That brought Special Recognition Category for her painting "Tiger View" in July 2014 and was sold then in Canada.

    In 2015 she began working under the name – TanyaSunArt, which characterizes its light, sunlight and creative character and mood with which it works. Now Tanya has concentrated all attention on abstract modern art, contemporary art.  Landscapes, animals, people feelings - this is all , what Tanya Hansen with pleasure leaves on the canvas. But the biggest inspiration for her -  this is a seascape. Ocean, - this is infinite element is always  looks the same, but different every time. The inspiration of every painting she does comes from what is around her, which she believes is nothing than a pure energy, usually shown to her  like feeling, image or thought. This energy initiates a process of creation that ends with a new piece of art. The composition and colors in her paintings are the feelings that she has in herself. Which way they will take her, - she  never knows. At the end Tanya’s goal is to through passionate work, make art that is the source of joy and excitement to the observer.

January , 2017 - Contemporary Art Gallery Online, Third Place painting - "When the Dusk is Coming".

Animals Art Competition, Online Gallery Light Space&Time, 

Special Recognition Category, "Tiger View",  July 2014



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