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It's Just November
  • It's Just November

    "It's just November" - It's just autumn ... It's just the first November frosts, covered the remaining foliage, which stubbornly clings to the frozen, squeaky branches, that are still nostalgic for the hot summer...
    Everything is obvious - the forest is quieter, the roads are whiter, the sky is grayer ...

    Abstract contemporary art, light textured painting, ready to hang, 2 coats of varnish,  artist wrapped canvas. Fit any wall color and room with bright autumn colors. 

     Palette Knife technique, light impasto style.  Free shipping. 


    Artist wrapped canvas 

    Acrylic on canvas

    Original,signed, varnished

    Sides painted black

    Certificate of Authenticity included

    Ready to hang

    Free shipping


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